Terms of Service

Conditions of Use

Lessee acknowledges receipt of the described personal property. The parties agree that the property was inspected by the Lessor and personally examined by Lessee at the time of delivery to and acceptance by Lessee and that the property was in good condition.


Title to the rented property is, and at all times shall remain in Kid & Kaboodle, hereinafter referred to as Lessor. Only the parties hereto and such other persons whose said property to be used by any other person or at any address other than the place designated hereon without the express consent of Lessor.


Parties agree that Lessor is not the manufacturer of said property nor the agent of the manufacturer and that no warranty against patent of latent defects in material, workmanship or capacity is given.


Lessee agrees that in the event any of the property becomes unsafe or in a state of disrepair, Lessee will immediately discontinue the use thereof and promptly return it to Lessor. Upon receiving such property, if its condition is not the fault of the Lessee, Lessor agrees to replace such property with property of like kind and in good working condition.


Upon termination of this agreement, Lessee will promptly return the rented property and all attachments and parts belonging thereto, to the Lessor at Lessor’s place of business, in the same condition in which such property was received, ordinary wear and tear excepted, and agrees to pay for any damage to or loss of such property while in the possession or control of Lessee hereunder.


In the event that Lessor must resort to litigation to recover for damages caused to or loss of such property, Lessee also agrees to litigation to recover for damages caused to or loss of such property, Lessee also agrees to pay Lessor’s attorney fees and Court costs.


Lessee is required to pay a deposit of cash, MasterCard or Visa credit card before such property leaves the Lessor’s place of business. This will be refunded by Lessor upon return of such property in the same condition in which such property was received.


Lessor shall not be liable in any event to Lessee for any loss, delay or damage of any kind or character resulting from defects in or inefficiency of the leased property or accidental breakage thereof.


Lessee agrees to indemnify and save harmless the Lessor against all loss, damage, expense and penalty arising from any action on account of any injury to person or property of any character occasioned by the operation, handling or transportation of the leased property during the rental period or while the property is in the possession or control of Lessee.


Lessee will give Lessor immediate notice of any levy attempted upon said property, or if said property from any cause becomes liable to seizure, and to indemnify Lessor against all loss and damages caused by such action, including Lessor’s attorney’s fees and expenses.


Lessee’s reservation deposit is non-refundable. Lessee will not retain the leased property beyond the "due in" time without prior notice to and consent of Lessor thereto. Lessee will be charged accordingly. Lessee will pay rental price in advance of taking property out of premises. Lessee agrees to pay for loss of rental if not brought back upon "due in" date and all collection charges, including attorneys fees if the rental is not paid when due. Lessor, at Lessor’s sole discretion may report property stolen if held (5) days beyond "due in" date. Lessor will not refund on any item taken off premises.

Lessee hereby waives and releases Lessor from all claims for injuries or damages to Lessee arising out of the use of said property.